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David Lloyd can be contacted via www.cartooncounty.com

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Welcome to my Website.

I'll be using the site to keep you up to date with work news and suchlike, posting up sketches and working drawings you won't see anywhere else, and I'll also be posting up news cuttings, articles and pics about anything that interests me if I think it might interest even just a fraction of you guys. It may become very much like a scrapbook that has a mix of things which are there without an explanation of why they're there; and like a scrapbook it will reveal to you what interests and entertains me in the world, and give you an insight into why I do what I do in this medium of creativity and what drives me to do it.

Currently, there's only one major element of content on the site: a section devoted to my latest graphic novel Kickback, which carries details of its creation and the influences which led to its creation. This section was originally intended as a mini-site, to be attached to the general site of Kickback's first publisher, Editions Carabas in France. However, its launch suffered delays, so I thought it sensible to just seconde it to my Website and lead with it. It is, after all, the work I have most interest in right now, and the one I want all visitors to this site to know about, and be able to see, and be able to buy.

Reviews of Kickback—for those who don't trust me when I tell you how good it is—and various recent interviews regarding KB and other work of mine, including Vendetta, can be found via the links page.

Thanks for visiting, and please come back again. I'll try to make it a worthwhile trip for you as often as I can.



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