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News Archive: May 2012

Friday, May 25 2012

Roaming Around Rome

Though short of time - very much these days - I can report a bunch of things I'm doing in and around the grand Italian city of Rome this weekend, but without much detail. A search on Comix Factory, Caserta, where I'll be today, and Antani Comics in Terni, where I'll be tomorrow, will elicit more facts, I'm sure. Go to my Facebook page for more. If you can make it along to any of those venues to say hi, I'll be very pleased to see you : )

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Wednesday, May 02 2012

Barc With A Bite

I'm in Barcelona at Ficomic this week from Thursday, so anyone over there or near there and coming to the show, please come and say hi! - www.ficomic.com is where all the detail is of my appearances, I'm sure, which will save me diligently detailing them all here for you.
Finally, I am very soon going to be letting you all know of a great new project I'm involved with which includes some of the finest comics creators in the business. I'll be clueing everyone in on this on my Facebook page more than anywhere else for now, for efficiency's sake, so please do check out my place there whenever you can to be informed : )

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