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News Archive: March 2012

Tuesday, March 27 2012

Kick Out!

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Friends, Kickback as an app for iPad is out now! Any of you with an iPad can go straight to iTunes and get it - no journey to your comic store for a print copy that you have to order ahead because they haven't got it in stock, or waiting for Amazon to mail you one if they happen to be waiting for more copies. You can get it right now, and get it with a lot more in it than you'd get in the print copy - lots of extras, commentaries, and background material - by just downloading it instantly. As you may know from past readings of my posts and knowledge of my feelings about Kickback - it has not been treated well by some of those I trusted to bring it to an appreciative readership. Now, at last, it has been treated with great respect and care by its app publisher, Panel Nine, and I hope you'll be lucky enough to be able to enjoy it in its new, bright digital form. Please tell everyone you can about it, if you think they'd like to know : ) Get to the Facebook page dedicated to it where you can soon hear news about two Kickback competitions : one, to win an iPad and, two, to win pages of its original art!

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Tuesday, March 20 2012

County News

In case any of you are, or find yourselves, close to Brighton UK this month on the 26th we have two speakers for podcast at our Cartoon County meeting - Ian Hague from Comics Forum, an academic website on comics which does sterling work in spreading the word of how intelligent much of what is done in that area of the arts is, in opposition to the general public's general view that it's all stuff and nonsense and not worth a bean, and the amazing Karrie Fransman who will be talking about her terrific book, The House That Groaned. And showing some art from it maybe. We'll see.
This will all be upstairs at The Cricketers, Black Lion St, Brighton, from 6 onward - talk at 7 - next Monday. All welcome.

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