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News Archive: November 2011

Wednesday, November 09 2011

Utopiales Update

Well, now I have some info on my signings in Nantes - 5.30 on the 11th, 4.00 on the 12th, and 2.00 on the 13th. All at the festival's bookshop so you'll have to be at the festival for them. I'm also in a discussion on the 10th at 2.30 at Bar de Mme Spock - which is a logical place for me to be - and also at the Espace Shayol at 11.30am. They've got a fascinating thing on here related to The Prisoner, too - that's the original one, I'm glad to say - which I'll be certain to attend...
And the Vendetta exhibition is on show here, too. One quick snap of it here : )

v in nantes.jpg

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Tuesday, November 08 2011

Return To The Mechanical Elephant

Anyone out there near Nantes in France this weekend, I'm at the Utopiales Science Fiction Festival. This is another time when I have little idea currently of my schedule during the days, but you can check the site to find out, if you'd like to come and say hi : ) It's www.utopiales.org. And another chance to see the Vendetta exhibition too there.
Nantes is where that fascinating mechanical elephant and similar extraordinary constructions can be seen in the one-time home of Jules Verne. If you don't get to Nantes this time to see such things, you should make it if you can some other time. Definitely worth the trip.
Bye for now...

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