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News Archive: October 2011

Wednesday, October 26 2011

Latest, Lucca

I'm at Lucca in Italy over the weekend, for that well-known Italian festival of sequential art - and now of games also, of course, as many such festivals across the globe have adapted themselves to be - so if any of you are around in that area or are planning to visit it, please come and say hi : ) I am at two events I know of, the rest of my schedule is unclear. Known is a panel on Saturday at the Palazzo Ducale at 18.00 and the second is an interview etc on Sunday, Showcase Napoleone at 16.00. I'm sure I'll be sketching and signing at various times there, and I'll be somewhere else under that sun too in days following, but I can't honestly tell you where or when. Keep watching the skies! As they say...
Released in Lucca will be the collection of my short stories that I mentioned a while back, Materia Oscura. Cover here. Looks like the publisher did an excellent job with it and I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Bye for now : )


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Monday, October 10 2011

New York, New Work

I've almost given up trying to update on a regular basis here for all those visiting the site to see new work and my plans for new work, but I can only promise I'll keep trying! I do have a new project in preparation which will take a good few months to reach fruition - if it can be brought to fruitition - and I can pledge you'll know about that as soon as it becomes viable, because its success will depend on it being known about as widely as possible. But I can't tell you much more about it now.
My next appearance out in the wide world will be at the New York Comic Convention from this coming Thursday to Sunday. If any of you will be coming to that event, I'll be very happy to see you : ) I'm signing and sketching for folks on Friday from 4-5pm at the DC booth #1254, and then again there on Saturday from 1-2pm - but for most of the time I'm at the Cadence Comic Art stand in the small press section at number 3153. I'll be found there with certainty between 12.30-1.30 on Sunday, sketching at that time for charity donations, and then from 4-5pm I'm privileged to be on a panel remembering the late, great Gene Colan in Room 1A24.
I'd guess if most of you visiting this site are lovers of the best of sequential art you probably know some of Gene's work. If you don't, one of his greatest talents lay in his skill with wash drawing. Here's some below - though not very adequately represented - for your viewing pleasure. This and other pages of his work can be seen on my Facebook page, which is also where you may have better luck catching up with what I'm up to in my negligent attitude to keeping everyone informed through every channel that I should...
Bye for now : )


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