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News Archive: July 2011

Tuesday, July 19 2011

San Diego Diary

Some San Diego detail here for folks lucky enough to be at the ComicCon - I'm in Artists Alley a lot, barring lunchtimes from 12-2, which include DC signings at 12-1, Thurs, and 1-2, Sat. On Friday, this includes a panel from 1-2 - check your program on the location for that. Stop by and say hi when you can : )
Pics here are from current work - design roughs for a compilation of past short stories for an Italian publisher. Includes stuff from greats like Steve Bissette and Pete Milligan. Up for grabs by any smart US publishers who want to produce the English language version ... : )



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Thursday, July 14 2011

San Diego Stop Off

Any of you folks in reach of Fort Lauderdale who might want to come and say hi at Tates Comics on Saturday, I'll be there from 2-4 chatting, signing and sketching in my usual bright and cheerful manner. All the more brighter and cheerfuller because of the climate in that sunnily blessed part of the globe.
More info at www.tatescomics.com.
And next post, news of San Diego and a collection of short stories : )


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Monday, July 04 2011

Fourth Of July Hi

To all those of you who visit this site from the US, I wish a terrific 4th of July! Have a great day : )

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