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News Archive: June 2011

Thursday, June 16 2011

Where Am I?

If I was as confused as that heading might indicate I was, I'd have an excuse for once more being very tardy in updating here. Though it's true I've been on a string of trips that led to much distraction from my committments to other things, I should have been more fastidious in posting here regularly. But that's enough of my whining... If you want to know where I'm going to be next - another trip - it's in Glasgow, and very shortly ; this weekend, in fact! Tomorrow evening I'm at a q n a after a V For Vendetta movie screening, then at the Glasgow Comic Con on Saturday - http://www.glasgowcomiccon.com. It's great to see such a thing in that great city after such a long absence. As good as seeing Kapow recently in London - another city without a real Con for many years. This one's not as big as that, but it'll be just as welcome to those in the area who love sequential art. It's in a small venue and has been sold-out for quite a while now, so I'm not able to ask you all to come along and say hi there, as I usually do at every place I'm privileged enough to be invited to - but if you're one of those who do have a ticket to the show, make sure you stop at my table! I'm there from the start to the end at 6 - apart from a couple of panels and some lunch, that is...
And I'll have news of what I'm working on next posting. That'll be a change, won't it? Hearing what I'm working at next, and not where I'm gadding off to next... You know, if I thought you'd believe me, I'd tell you that all the travel was hard work, too... : )

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