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News Archive: April 2011

Wednesday, April 27 2011

Spain Again

I'm in Pamplona over the weekend for a couple of talks and signings, which is part of a month-long festival of the sequential arts in glorious Spain, so if any of you are liable to be along to this event - details at www.salondelcomicdenavarra.com - or are close enough to check it out, please come and say hi : ) The schedule I have is provisional so I can't give you more detail on my contribution to happenings right now, apart from an exhibition of some of my work in reproductions, but come along if you can. Looks like an excellent bunch of things they have lined up with a great bunch of creators!


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Wednesday, April 20 2011

Hellish Time In London

I'm in London on Saturday 23rd April with my friend and colleague, Jamie Delano, talking about our past work on the Constantine graphic novel ' The Horrorist ' before a screening of Constantine at this - http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2011/programme/talk/25-years-john-constantine-hellblazer. Also chatting will be other ace writers of Hellblazer, Andy Diggle and Pete Milligan. Come and catch it if you can : )

57const a.JPG

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Tuesday, April 05 2011

Kapow! It's A Real Gone Con!

With my widely-known hatred of sound effects, you may be surprised to hear that my next trip will be to the Kapow Comic Con in London, but let it never be said that I'm ever unwilling to celebrate a good thing - that being the first Comic Convention to happen in London for over a decade! And another good cause is being served with it, as Cartoon Classroom has a table there - no 15 - manned by the brains behind it, Steve Marchant, who'll be doing one-minute caricatures for all-comers as a... draw ( haw! haw! ). I'll be at that table for most of the weekend, but definitely at a signing from 1-2 on Saturday, so come and say hi if any of you reading this are coming to the show : )
Btw, I expected to have some pics of the excellent presentation of the V For Vendetta exhibition in Madeira to show you by now, but it looks like they're still in the developer - or whatever the digital equivalent of that is - so, it'll have to be next time. It's still showing - hired for four weeks from the 25th March onwards - so if you're in or near Madeira, or are looking for a beautiful and sunny spot to have a break in, go see it!

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