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News Archive: February 2011

Sunday, February 27 2011

The End Of The Month Is Nye

Well, once again I'm late posting here for anyone checking what I'm up to, but as I haven't been up to an awful lot, I hope you'll understand.
Two things to mention here that may be of interest to you, as they are to me, is, firstly, for any folks in or around Brighton, UK, tomorrow from 6pm onward. At The Cricketers, Black Lion St, Cartoon County hosts Nye Wright talking from 7.15 about his graphic novel '...Trailer Park... '. There are more details about this book, and Nye, on the Cartoon County website - www.cartooncounty.com. Extract below. All are welcome. Make it if you can : )
And, just a short note here about a discovery of mine in Miami. The sad sight of a closed cinema - The Roosevelt - that shouldn't be. Sure, we all have access to multiplexes, and dvds, and movie downloads, and some to the glory of home cinema sytems, so why should we need to keep all the little cinemas open that once upon a time peppered the landscape of cities and towns across the US and UK? Because they offer something special as a movie-going experience, is the answer, and they can be, and should be, still used to give that experience to people. If any of you feel the same way about this, and want to know more, there's more on it, with more pics, on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141148839261602#!/profile.php?id=694430869
I'll be heading back to Madeira at the end of the month to lend my presence to the latest stop for the V For Vendetta touring exhibition. But more on that, very soon...

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