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News Archive: November 2010

Friday, November 05 2010

Remember This?

You may recall I opened Comica last year ( details of this year's show here - http://www.comicafestival.com/index.php/festival/program10/ ), by doing a bunch of V sketches on site at the Heavy Pencil event, which were later auctioned to help fund the newly-launched Cartoon Classroom. This year there's a new auction of V sketches - but this time for a charity with much heavier problems to cope with than Cartoon Classroom encounters. Comicsxafrica, the charity I did a little bit for earlier in the year is benefitting this time. The auction of these new V drawings of mine is at http://shop.ebay.com/cheekyjoe/m.html. Remember, remember, it's good to be generous : )

Photo below is courtesy of Etienne Gilfillan


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