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News Archive: October 2010

Thursday, October 14 2010


Well, now in Sao Paulo, folks - about to chat about the Brasilian-edition Kickback and such at MTV, and tomorrow the Comix Fest - http://comix.com.br/blog/?page_id=518 - begins and continues for the weekend, where I'll be happy to say hi to any of my Brasilian friends who can come along - and anyone from beyond its shores, if you're making the journey to it! I'm happy to say I had a good flight here from NY, which is not something I can always say about my air travel experiences, so the weekend has started well. Hope it stays happily on that course... : )

50kick-fire escape and rain.jpg

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Wednesday, October 06 2010

New York Times

Late notice of events and times for those who might be able to come and say hi if they happen to be in the appropriate areas. I'm at the New York Convention once more at the Javits Centre over the weekend. Be there from Friday to Sunday, and, this time I'm happy to say, I'll have a table to sit at most of the time - and, believe me, that's where I'll be for most of the time, so, if you do want to catch me to sign and sketch in something, or to buy, for yourself or a lucky friend, a copy of Kickback, or both, then this is a good opportunity. I'm at booth 255, one of Cadence Comic Arts's tables. A few times, I won't be there ( for lunch and breaks, of course, you'll understand ) and I'll be signing for Dark Horse at 2.30 on Sunday for 30 minutes, and at DC on Saturday at 4-5, and on Sunday at 11.30-12.30. I'll be of South of NY next weekend, but more on that later...

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