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News Archive: July 2010

Wednesday, July 21 2010

San Diego Schedule

Next posting will have all the hallmarks of a carefully-considered piece, covering some of the events and happenings of the last few weeks in some detail. I say it will have the hallmarks of such a piece, but I'm saying that in hope rather than expectation, though I'll certainly do my best to make it so. I do have a good chance of succeeding, as my last trip for the Summer in a long string of trips, is my usual journey to the San Diego Convention, and after it I'll have more time to write something with care rather than in haste : )
For any of you coming to the big show at the weekend, here's my schedule :
Friday, 1-2 at DC. Sat 1.30-3.30 at the Hero Initiative table and 4-5 for the Cartoon Art Museum, then 6-7 at Dark Horse. Sunday 12.30-1.30 at DC.
See you there?

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Thursday, July 15 2010

Art For Africa

I'm here to post quickly a notice of my next coach stop. I'll be back later, after the weekend, with more detail of things I've done recently, and things I'm about to do shortly, including San Diego's programme of my various appearances at the SDCC, should you be wanting to track me down in sunny California.
But, for now, news of attending a fund-raiser for Africa near Benevento, Italy - full details at www.comicsxafrica2010.com. I'm there this weekend, on Friday evening and then all day on Saturday and Sunday. Can't tell you where, what and when I'll be doing anything at the show, because I have no idea myself. The plan, I'd guess, is for me to sell sketches for donations, and intimidate people with my glowering presence if they dare to bid low for the pieces of original artwork which I and my colleagues have given for auction. See video on my Facebook page for images of the kind of African lifestyle commonly endured by those less fortunate than ourselves, and which the organizer of the event and the charity running it, Roberto Riccio, works to improve...

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