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News Archive: April 2010

Monday, April 26 2010

The Order Of Release

Below is not a picture of one of the many unfortunates just emerging through an arrival gate at last after being stranded for days abroad, though it could as well be... No, this touch of class I'm attaching to my posting this time is for no other reason than I was reading a book about Millais recently, and I thought I'd show you the painting of his that made the strongest impression on me as a kid - The Order Of Release. I couldn't believe how he made it so grippingly realistic. And we used to have a dog like that... Amazing stuff. Anyway, if you're in the UK, this terrific picture is in the Tate Gallery. Don't pass through London without seeing it!
And talking of visits, I'm off on another signing trip this weekend, and, as long as no volcano erupts under the rail line from Marylebone to Shrewsbury between now and Saturday, May Ist, I will be signing and sketching, etc, at Infinity And Beyond, 31, Wyle Cop, Town Centre, Shrewsbury, from 1-5pm. They're on +44 (0) 1743 360666. Their website - www.infinitybeyond.co.uk.
If you're not heading off into the now ash-free clouds on that long bank holiday weekend, and fancy spending your time in the beauty of the green and pleasant English countryside instead, make sure you come and say hi : )

order of release site.jpg

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Tuesday, April 20 2010

KICKBACK - The Video Slideshow

One of the things I always miss if I have to miss any conventions I'm scheduled for in the US, is the opportunity to introduce people to Kickback who may never have heard of it or seen it before. It especially pleases me to see how pleased they are with its look and quality - its ' presence ' you could describe it as. This is difficult to evoke effectively with the pictures and descriptions I have on this site alone. So I've posted a photo album to my Facebook page that you might like to see - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=694430869#!/album.php?aid=175660&id=694430869. I'm also embedding a video slideshow of the collection right below this message. And please make sure you've got the sound up on your computer when you run it because it's meant to have a musical accompaniment...
More from me shortly : )

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Saturday, April 17 2010

Turned To Ashes

An update for any of you planning to say hi at C2E2 in Chicago. Due to the flight restrictions I'm not going to get to the show for even that one day I thought I might be able to make it for! Failing yet another volcano erupting in Iceland and blowing it's ash in the direction of the UK, I should be at the San Diego Con, so if you're a convention-goer to that venue, I hope to see you there!
Til then... : )

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Thursday, April 15 2010

Upset Volcano

News for any of you folks coming to Chicago and planning to pop along and say hi - you'll catch me at my table only on Sunday. And right now even that's provisional. Reason being the volcanic cloud that's closing down airspace all over the UK and beyond. Means I can't get out of here today, though I'm hoping to make it on Saturday. I'll confirm the Sunday date as soon as I can and let you know about it. Hope you all enjoy the show if you're going!

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Saturday, April 10 2010

Upset Update

Made a liar of myself there, didn't I? ' This site is not meant to
be updated only once month ' I said . And I really honestly
meant to add something more to this news section long before
now. But here I am again updating it after almost a month's
gap... I just hope you think the Deviantart page submissions -
which have been one of my distractions - serve as effective
supplement to the material on this site, providing some of the
info I'd have put here in other circumstances. And there's
more stuff on work and related activities on my Facebook
page, of course. Yes, yes, I know - excuses, excuses... But I'm
resolved to do better. And I promise I'll try to.
The news is that I'm on the road again next week. Any of you
out there coming to Chicago for C2E2 next weekend, please
come and say hi. I've been given a table at the Con by the
excellent organisers of the event, and I intend to be esconced
there for most of the time - but I'll be signing at the DC booth
on Friday from 3.30-4.30, and at the Dark Horse booth between
6 and 7pm on Saturday, in case you want to be absolutely
certain to find me. And if you've still not managed to acquire
for yourself a copy of the book that forms so much of the
material on this site - Kickback - you'll be able to get one
directly from my muddy paws in Chicago.
Details of the Con are www.c2e2.com. See you there if you
can make it : )

kick19pub picsite.jpg

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