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News Archive: November 2009

Friday, November 27 2009

Get Thee To Getxo

Late notice I'm going to be at the Getxo Comic Con in Bilbao all this weekend, so, if you're close by, or want to get close by to say hi, please check out all the details on the event at www.salondelcomicdegetxo.net. As well as little ole' me and the many great Spanish artists and writers attending the show, you'll be able to meet and greet my excellent colleagues, Mark Buckingham and Dave McKean, so it's definitely worth making a trip to if you can!

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Tuesday, November 24 2009

Heavy Water

Water-colour sketches from the Heavy Pencil event I ' performed ' at on the 5th November at the ICA are now appearing on eBay at http://shop.ebay.com/cheekyjoe/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
As you know, they're on sale to support Cartoon Classroom - the non-profit website established to do general good for the study of cartooning and sequential art in the UK and Ireland, so please pass on the message of this auction to as many folks as you can who you think might want to acquire one or more of these sketches, and, if you want to bid for one yourself, try and offer as much as you can for it. Believe me, I won't be doing anything like them again to celebrate V For Vendetta!
Thanks : )


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Wednesday, November 11 2009

Books And Bangers

Well, having lit a few blue touchpapers last Thursday evening, I'm glad to say I didn't have to retire immediately after shaming myself in front of an audience. Though I can't say the fireworks were the most spectacular and glittering of Roman Candles ever seen, nor the bangers as loud as they might have been, they were certainly enough to entertain the bar crowd at the ICA, and enough, I'm sure, to have made the organisers pleased they'd invited me. The resulting water-colour sketches will be auctioned in support of Cartoon Classroom on ebay in the next few weeks, and you will, of course, be informed of exactly when. Dig into your pockets if you bid for anything from this one-off celebration, please. By what it offers and what it does, Cartoon Classroom champions our medium and everyone involved in using it. A detail from one of the sketches is below.
Tomorrow afternoon I'm signing again ( no, really? ). But I'm in the country for this one. Unbelievable, I know. I'm pleased to have been invited to a signing with John Higgins and some other good fellows of my acquaintance at Bookstack, 22 South Street, Worthing, East Sussex from 3.30 -5.30. If you're anywhere near or fancy a trip to the seaside, come along and say hi : )
Lastly, a great book I was introduced to recently needs your attention if you want to see some excellent comics work which has the added ability to persuade the general public that good sequential art can achieve much more than what it usually percieves such things can accomplish. Miss Moti and Cotton Candy by Kripa Joshi is a great piece of art and storytelling, and one of a series of such works of hers you should check out. More detail at Kripa's website www.kripakreations.com. Excerpt below.


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Thursday, November 05 2009

Flight To Portugal

Amadora is my next destination - or escape route depending on how well I do at the ICA today - for the 20th international Festival of Comics and Cartoons of Amadora 2009. On Saturday, 7th November, I'm signing from 3-4, and on Sunday, from 4-6, at the CNBDI, Av. do Brasil, 52/A, 2700-134. Debates and exhibitions are no doubt included in the mix as they were the last time I was privileged to attend this regular fixture in Amadora's calendar of yearly events, but I can't give you details of a website to check for these things because I haven't been referred to one. Use your own detective skills if you'd like to find out more because I'm short of time for Googling this morning.
If you can make it along, be pleased to see you : )

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