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News Archive: October 2009

Thursday, October 29 2009

Knights Of Malta

Two venues to tell you about this posting where you can find me signing, drawing and talking about my work, though not necessarily doing all three at the same time.
This coming weekend - 31st October and 1st November - I've been invited to Malta for their very first Comic Convention along with my esteemed colleagues and Knights of The Drawing Table, Mike Collins, Tim Perkins,Warren Pleece, and Sean Azzopardi. I'm pleased to say that I'm constantly seeing enthusiasm for strips in their many forms initiating new events like this one in new places on the map where nothing similar has occurred before, confounding all the predictions that many people working in this business once made that we'd all be buried by the spectacle and gloss of the computer games industry. Well, good art and storytelling in any form has the ability to survive any attack on a creative level, and, thankfully, there's still enough of it being produced by enough skilled people in this medium to stimulate continuing passion and interest in it from new audiences all the time. Details of the Malta event can be accessed via www.maltacomic-con.com.
And on the 5th of November evening, I'm opening this year's Comica season at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts in London with a 3-hour stint drawing - and maybe painting - for public display in a celebration of V for Vendetta. This a free event, as you'll see from ICA's info below, but the bar will prefer you to buy a few drinks for the privilege of attending, I'm sure. And you can bring your own ' towering pencil ' to the task of drawing V or anything else you fancy after I've supplied whatever fireworks I can manage to ignite in the evening. More detail is available from http://www.ica.org.uk/Heavy%20Pencil%3A%20V%20for%20Vendetta+22211.twl.
Come and say hi if you can make it to either of these events : )

COMICA V100.jpg

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Wednesday, October 14 2009

Where Am I?

Not quite knowing where I am at any point in time may well become a constant state of mind over the next few weeks with a bunch of trips coming up that take me around various places in Europe for signings and suchlike - but the cause of my mental confusion is rather more prosaic right now, as I'm still busily working at trying to contact many different lists of individuals and associations in my duty to spread the word of Cartoon Classroom. Jumping from one necessary contact to another, and trying to tweak the messages we're sending out about it for maximum effectiveness in all cases is kind of disorienting...
But the announcement of the new site at the Birmingham Con went swimmingly at the end of an hilarious comics quiz game Steve Marchant staged and performed which got everyone in a happy and receptive frame of mind to learn about something serious. Of course, I don't need to tell you all any more about the site now, because you can just go there and see it for yourself. But I will repeat that if you feel you should register with it, do so, and/or if you feel you can help tell people about it, do so. It's a great cause for you to support.
But back to upcoming signings and such : the first is this weekend in Bergamo, Italy at Arcadia on Saturday 17th. Details at www.nuvoleshop.com. If you're nearby, I hope to see you : )
More from me next week about further travel and other things, but right now there's someone else I've got to talk to about Cartoon Classroom...


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