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News Archive: November 2008

Wednesday, November 12 2008

Making An Exhibition Of Myself

Actually, it's The New End Gallery in Hampstead, London, that's making the exhibition - I was just pleased to supply the material for it. It'll be the first time a exhibition of mine will be entirely devoid of V For Vendetta artwork, mainly for the reason that most all of it is crated and waiting for another venue to hire it out from it's Cartoon County guardians ( details on that exhibition can be found in a previous entry on this site ). The exhibition at New End will give all you folks sensible enough to come and see it, a chance to check out some of the other works I've managed to produce over the years, from Night Raven : House Of Cards, Aliens, Marlowe : The Pencil - the largely unseen Raymond Chandler adaptation, The Horrorist, The Territory, War Stories and Kickback. In fact, I decided to call the exhibition itself ' Kickback ', because it just fit the nature of the collection. All exhibits are originals, and all are for sale. Details as seen below. Don't miss it. If I say so myself, there's some really good stuff in there...
Another thing to take note of - I'm signing at Orbital, 148, Charing Cross Rd, London, on Sat 6th December, from 3-5. This is just so you can all buy a copy of Kickback for someone as a Christmas present ( I'm sure you've got one for yourself already... haven't you..? ) in which you can acquire a signature AND a sketch. But I'll sign anything else you want as well, of course. Even one of those originals you'll have bought from The New End Gallery...
Lastly a reminder that I'm in New York this weekend for any of you folks close to it or coming along to the city. See post below.
Next post I hope to show you some working drawings and other things from the Hellblazer Special story I recently completed with Jamie Delano.
Hope you all had a great Autumn. And will have a great Winter.


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Saturday, November 01 2008

Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November - Again

For those of you who missed me describing the ups and downs of my brilliant career - or at least an important chunk of it - at Harrods a few weeks ago, there's another chance to hear it at The Folkestone Literary Festival on the appropriate date of the 5th November. Talk begins at 7pm, preceded by a signing at around 6.30. Tickets for the talk include a screening of V For Vendetta at 8.15pm! Details of location and venue at www. folkestonelitfest. co. uk.


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