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News Archive: August 2008

Wednesday, August 13 2008

Art And Wit

Not only does the above term describe my own work ( he said, wittily ), it's also the title of a new course on the history and importance of cartoon art, which is due to start in September at Birkbeck College, London. More details on this are available from my posting at www.cartooncounty.com.
Other news : Once more I'm going to be depicting the activities of my old pal, John Constantine, in the company of another pal - the great Jamie Delano - for an 8-page story in a Hellblazer holiday special due for release at the end of the year. Holiday Special - doesn't seem like the right kind of context for John Constantine, does it..? Always brings images of beachballs to my mind. And buckets and spades. Hmm... maybe we can take him to the seaside this time. No... I'm sure that's been done..
More from me, shortly.


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