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News Archive: June 2008

Tuesday, June 17 2008

Okay, Buddy - Talk!

I'm giving a talk at Highgate Library in London on the 25th of this month. As you'll see by the info below, you'll need to pipe up before appearing if you want to benefit from my words of wisdom. Space, I hear, is limited. I'll be signing afterwards, too.
See you.

highgate lib site.jpg

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Thursday, June 05 2008

Back To The Boot

Many apologies for this late alert owing to server problems with my site.
I'm heading East to that kicking country Italy again this weekend. Then
jumping West to it's neighbour Sardinia for a signing in the South, then a
signing in the North. Here's the detail for all those who can make it along to
say hi :

Thursday 05 June 08
21.30 at a book festival in Piazza Luni, Sarzana, Liguria : ' I Libri per
Strada, le Strade per il Libro '.

Friday 06 June 08
18:30 signature session at "Loriga Fumetti",Cagliari, Sardinia.
Saturday 07 June 0818:30 signature session at " Libreria Azuni", Sassari, Sardinia.

Just in case you think my existence is just one dazzling blur of
globe-trotting, I should let you know I've actually done
some work at the drawing board over the last month. Tell you about it next posting.
Hope you're all having a great Spring/Summer!

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