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News Archive: May 2008

Monday, May 05 2008

Bye-Bye, Blanc de Blanc, Hello, Bristol

Well, I regret I can't tell you much about the festival in Hautvillers, simply because I'm short of time - the thing that always hampers my communications with you here, I'm sorry to say - but it was home to an astonishing exhibition of Francois Bucq, which made me appreciate what an absolutely extraordinary cartoonist he is, and wish that his work was seen by more people in it's original art form, where it glows. If you're unfamiliar with his work, please get to see some when you can. Magicians Wife, Pioneers of Human Adventure, are two. Met a lot of great fellow artists and festival folk and drank some fine Champagne - one time at an early morning sampling overlooking the very vineyards that produced it... Ahh...
Nice place for a holiday weekend, you guys. The Eurostar to Paris Nord, from Paris Est to Epernay. That's the whole journey. Then a taste of the French countryside and some of it's finest creations...
Next stop for me is the very British Bristol ComicExpo from 9th-11th. Please come and say hi, if you're around. I'm at a table next to Incognito comics most of the time I'm there, but at Frontier Entertainment's table from 2-3 on Sat, and at the Titan table from 2-3 on Sunday.


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