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News Archive: February 2008

Wednesday, February 27 2008

Kickback Italia

Yes, KB's in Italy, now. That classic boot-shape could not be more appropriate in such circumstances! I'll be doing a list of stores from next week, starting on Tuesday in Milan. Ad and details below.


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Sunday, February 24 2008

One Of The Great Creators Of V For Vendetta Is No Longer With Us

My friend and colleague, Steve Whitaker, one of the two great colourists who gave so much talent and skill to bringing V For Vendetta to life, died suddenly on Friday morning.
He was not only one of the finest colourists Britain has ever produced, but a great artist, a scholar of the comics medium, and a great teacher, too, who I worked with at The London Cartoon Centre in it's various incarnations.
There some great tributes to him on Matt Brookers blog at http://disraeli-demon.blogspot.com/2008/02/steve-whitaker-rip.html.
He was a terrific guy - generous to a fault, full of enthusiasm about this medium of ours, and great company over a Guinness or three. He'll be sorely missed by all who knew him.

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Monday, February 18 2008

Late News

My apologies for being tardy in keeping this section up to date. I have a bunch of things to mention and to show you here very shortly, but right here right now let me flag this event in London, which may interest you if you happen to be nearby and are as yet unaware of it.
I'll be back.

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