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News Archive: December 2007

Tuesday, December 25 2007

Happy Holidays!

To any of you taking a break from the season's festivities and events to check out my site, I wish you the very happiest of times in this holiday period. And may 2008 bring you all that you wish for yourself and those close to you.


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Tuesday, December 04 2007

Oh, Ring Room Service, And I'll Come To You, My Lad

Just back from the trip to Ireland which was extremely enjoyable.
Dublin, Galway, Cork. Anyone reading this who came along to the
talks/signings I gave along the way, I want to thank for making the journey worthwhile. Met some great people, and had some great chats. Weatherwise, it was very rainy and not exactly warm, but the warmth of the folks made it a fine trip.
Also enjoyed the train trips I took from one place to another which passed through miles of green space, stone walls and ragged countryside, which was less tended and manicured than similar land I'd travelled through in England, and was more picturesque because of it. It had a quality of age and history and an evident past still attached to it, like an old coat. No surprise that many ghost stories come from that part of the globe, I think.
I passed a crumbling tower, like an old fortress, just into Tullamore. It was cracked through it's middle like an old tree blasted by lightning, and it looked as much a home for spirits as it was for the crows. If anyone out there knows much about it, tell me, because I've yet to do a search on it.
Talking of spooky, any numerologists out there might find this interesting...
I stayed in three unconnected hotels while I was there - the Central in Dublin, the Jury's in Galway, and the Gresham in Cork. In the first, my room number was 321, in the second, it was 123, and in the third, it was 312...
I figure this could be symbolic of me going round and round in circles in my life. I've certainly felt that way in dealing with some of the people I've come across trying to promote Kickback over these past long months. Or it could be indicative of me going round and round in ever-decreasing circles finally disappearing up my own - well, enough of that...
Anyway, a remarkable incidence of a numerical nature, I'm sure you'll agree, whatever it means in the universe of the mystical.

It'll be warm and dry where I'm going next - with luck - Florida. I'll be at Florida Comic-Con, Howard Johnson Plaza, 2096, Northeast 2nd St, Ft Lauderdale, on the 8th-9th Dec. If you're anywhere near, come and say hi.

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