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News Archive: July 2007

Saturday, July 21 2007

Big Barn Beckons

I'll be at the big barn of the San Diego convention centre for ComiCon once more this year - and for the first time I can tell you where I'll be and when via my website. I'll be sketching and signing at the DC booth Friday from 12.30-1.30pm, then Dark Horse at 5-6pm. Then Saturday at DC again from 4-5.30pm.
Please come along and say hi at any of those times if you'll be making the event this year. And if you can't make it to any of those signings and see me around somewhere , be sure to come and say hello. AND if you haven't got a copy of Kickback already, make sure you buy one there. You'll be doing us both a big favour.

KICKBACK PROMO revised.jpg

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Tuesday, July 17 2007

Fine Feathers

Just found a great tragicomic comic in the underestimated and cruelly under-distributed world of small press strip publications - Ethel Sparrowhawk. It's eponymous heroine is here for you to see. Subtle and witty and human stuff from writer Jemima Von Schindelberg and artist Steven Tillotson.
Yours for a cheque to Steven for 4 at First Floor Flat, 50, Knowle Road,Totterdown, Bristol BS4 2ED, if you're in the UK. Contact him re payment choices from other parts of the globe.
I recommend it to you.


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Wednesday, July 11 2007

Summer Sale!

Yes, it's sale time for any of you folks who may like my work enough to want some of it hanging on your wall.
Here are 12 pages I'm offering for sale from Hellbazer, J For Jenny, and Aliens : Glass Corridor. Each for $400/200/300 Euros. Non-insured postage is included in the price to all countries. Some other pages from the series these come from are also available if you have requests for particular pages. They are all on offer at the same price for this Summer period.
Contact me via the Cartoon County site shown on the links page if you'd like to buy one of these or enquire about another from any of the series shown. Payment will be through Paypal.


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