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News Archive: March 2007

Friday, March 23 2007

More Inside Vendetta

For those of you interested in the nuts and bolts of the creation of V, here's more of the blueprints. Some of this has seen print recently in Redeye 1.6 ( essential reading from Enginecomics.com ) but not all of it, or as close up. Below are the thumbnail sketches, decision-making compositional drafting stages of possible covers for V no. 6 from the original run of the DC series, before it was collected in graphic novel form - and then, below it, you'll see the final cover sketch before it was taken to completion.

site V cov sketch 6.JPG

And here are some frames from V in their pencil stages - I was never very good at producing clean pencils - and then their inked forms. There are very few copies around of these stages in the development of V pages. They were never copied for any useful continuing purpose, and so are scarce.


And now, if any of you ever wondered about what Evey was wearing at some stage in the proceedings and where she got it from, here's where her blouse came from...


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Thursday, March 15 2007

Motion Picture News

If you're interested in further information concerning the life, career and views of the subject of this site, and you've got a speedier modem than mine - nothing worse than waiting for sloooowwww downloading video - you can access a video interview with me from the German Panini site at http://paninicomics.de/. There is also an English-translated interview on the German site, G Wie Gorilla - http://www.g-wie-gorilla.de/content/view/321/18/, with the German version on http://www.g-wie-gorilla.de/content/view/324/5/.
Finally, an excellent review of the Kickback German edition at http://www.g-wie-gorilla.de/content/view/322/11/.

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Sunday, March 04 2007

California Dreaming



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Thursday, March 01 2007

No Sleep On The Redeye

Another review of Kickback - for those of you interested in such things - has just appeared in REDEYE 1.6, which is Barry Renshaw's excellent comics magazine, available via his website, which is also of sterling worth - WWW.ENGINECOMICS.CO.UK.
The issue also contains an interesting piece on V for Vendetta. And while I'm here, I'll solve a mystery which puzzled it's writer Jay Eales - namely why the name of the roses in V were changed from Violet Carsons to Scarlet Carsons. In an earlier entry here, I didn't make the situation clear about that change. The movie makers could well have used the Violet Carson rose - all being well with the use of the name in that context - but they decided they wanted a red rose for a stronger cinematic impact. Then, of course, they couldn't call it a Violet Carson because they're basically pink. So they invented a hybrid called a Scarlet Carson. That's the full story on it. A sad one, no doubt, for the many lovers of the original graphic novel who wish everything in the movie could have stayed the way it was in the book - and I'm sorry it couldn't have. To alleviate the suffering a fraction, let me tell you that the appearance of the rose was settled on simply because it's name began with V. I happen to have heard about that particular rose because it decorated a tea tray in my parents house. Now, if that rose had been red...
Another thing I want to shed light on, and correct, in the Vendetta piece is a detail of the origin of V which seemed to have been gathered from a movie magazine interview with Warrior's editor Dez Skinn last year. Dez did not suggest that myself and Alan set V in the future as he appears to claim. The only brief I was given for the series, as I have attempted to make clear in various interviews, was for some kind of masked vigilante character - the idea being to ape Night Raven in some way. The reason I wanted to do something set in a future time was because I was sick of the restrictions to creative freedom that are always involved in having to get the details of a period setting correct.

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